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Minor ailment consultation with the pharmacist Fill prescription for Medication delivery/ pickup.
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Accurate and clinically-validated remote self-assessments in collaboration with ThinkMD Clinical assessment result determines whether to treat a patient at the pharmacy or refer to a clinic or telemedicine service.
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Remote Patient Monitoring

Patients share their health readings for chronic diseases e.g. blood pressure Pharmacist reviews, provides feedback and reminders.
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REINVENTING Retail Pharmacy

Medicines & primary care on demand

•Self-medication, and health misinformation is on the rise.
•A faster, kinder, smarter and greener way to access affordable medicines, treatment, and care on-demand.

A pharmacist at you fingertips

•Hospitalization for minor ailments is expensive.
•Telepharmacy is a cheaper alternative.

The pharmacy that comes to you

•Going from pharmacy to pharmacy seeking preferred medications is hectic.
•Your medication delivered to your doorstep in 1 hour in Lagos.

Stay healthy from home

•Recovering from illness without a pharmacist checking on you is tough.
• Sign-up for faster and happier recovery.

Feeling unwell?

  • wherever, whenever

    We deliver your medication to your door anywhere.

  • Never miss a dose

    Get reminded when to take your medicines and when to refill your prescription.

  • Walk-in

    Prefer physical consultation? just walk into our store close to you.

We Are a New kind of Pharmacy

Gleeworld Pharmacy is a Nigerian-based telepharmacy, medication delivery and AI-enabled Patient Follow-up care platform.

Gleeworld empowers D2C (patients), and B2B (health insurance companies) on behalf of their clients to access medicines, primary care and remote patient monitoring cheaper, faster, and easier from the comfort of their home through technology.

Gleeworld connects low and middle-income patients with pharmacists for answers on health and medication-related questions and filling prescriptions for delivery in 1 hour, also with AI-enabled clinically-validated primary care self-assessments, as well as with AI-powered remote monitoring and follow-up care using Gleeworld’s website or mobile app.

Our customers are loving us.

I like the fact that the entrance to your pharmacy is wheelchair-friendly, meaning that you do not discriminate people living with disability

- Barr Layi

your customer service, I will never visit another pharmacy

- Mr Okey

I like your eco-bags. Now that I have one. I will tell my friend to come and buy medicines from you because of that

- Mrs. A

Your home delivery of medicines was really fast. Thank you!

- Mr. Peters

I like this pharmacy well well. The people dey nice and their things cheap well well.

- Ibrahim

I am always satisfied with the quality of medicines and care offered at Gleeworld, I will always come back again and again.

- Mr. Chima

“With Glee, I have the medicines I need all the time along with happiness. Even when I send someone, it's the same level of customer service.”world

- @thepatwalls

Frequently Asked Question

How much does Gleeworld charge for delivery?

Delivery is free within Lekki where our store is located. We deliver on orders worth N5,000 and above.

How do I refill my medication?

Gleeworld offers smart refills so you never have to worry about your medication. We will text you to schedule delivery when your refills are ready.

When and where do you deliver?

Medicines will be delivered to you via a delivery service. They will usually be delivered to your home or office within 3 hours.

Who will deliver my medication?

We hire dispatch riders but also work with partner couriers, who undergo rigorous background checks and training, including the Commercial Motorcyclist Safety. To ensure your privacy, your medication will arrive in a discreet, tamper sealed package and only you and your pharmacist will know what's inside.

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Mobile app coming soon.

With Gleeworld mobile app, we will be making healthcare simplified and accessible.

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